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Sonia De Rose

Head Coach

​"Coaching is about empowering someone to find their strengths and face their weaknesses. Sometimes it takes discipline and hard work and other times it takes some hand holding and a chat. When someone allows you to help them, they are giving you incredible trust. It’s up to me as a coach to honour that..."

Liam Hiney

 Coach & Programmer

"I coach because I love to see people achieve goals they never thought they could, I'm passionate about our program and helping people become the best version of themselves.
 I also enjoy doing Crossfit for me own training because I LOVE food..."


Holly Hiney

Coach & Gymnastics Specialist

"Coaching gives me a fulfilment I struggle to put into words. My aim everytime I set onto the floor to coach is for our members is to find their inner confidence and self belief to not only accomplish the goals..."

Casey Gao

 Crossfit & Olympic Lifting Coach

 "When I coach my goal is to assist and motivate people. I am a big believer of executing small daily tasks to get the bigger goal and become the best vision of ourselves..." 

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